Partial Stall Board 
$400 per month                             


Give your horse the best of both worlds, partial stall board will allow your horse the maximum amount of time roaming freely in the pasture and also allow stall shelter when the weather is less hospitable.  Horses may be brought in to 12 x 12 stalls when winter nights bring a chilling rain or snow, below average temperatures, or the height of heat during intense summer days.  During the hottest summer months, boarders may opt for some nightly turnout so they still are given ample time of free roaming and stalled some days so they can escape the heat. 


Included in partial stall board is the following: round hay bales provided in the winter pasture, square hay bales provided in stalls, owner may supply their choice of grain that the barn will give when horse is stalled, or the barn will provide up to 8 quarts of premium grain (we use Strategy Professional Formula feed) and give when horse is stalled.  Ample, clean fresh water, twice daily minimum horse checks, staff on the premises from 8:00am-4:30pm daily, as well as a guardhouse adjacent to the pastures that is manned 24-7.  Also included in partial stall board is optional administration of deworming medication as per the UT stategic deworming protocol, and catch & hold complimentary service when using barn farrier.  


Partial stall board service is offered based on availablity of stalls; stalls are available on a first come, first serve basis with full stall boarders given priority.  If stall space becomes limited, current partial stall boarders will be given first choice of upgrading to full stall board over incoming full stall boarders to reserve their stall space.  Horses may have use of stalls up to 15 days/month and then on demand daily stall rates will apply, up to, but not to exceed the price of full stall board.


Included in partial stall board: use of 50' round pen, 175' x 275' outdoor arena, access to 135 acres with 10 miles of GPS trails, keyless security entry client tackroom, men's and women's bathrooms with individual showers, grooming area, and wash rack with hot/cold water are all included with partial stall board.  One trailer space (up to 4 horse trailer) on the premises complimentary for boarding family paying $500+/month  (or available at $25/month for other boarders).  Please talk to barn manager about availability and pricing for larger trailers.











Our training team consists of CJ Stout, Lisa Tackett, and Hallie Lerner. All of our trainers are well versed in various English and western disciplines and have worked with gaited and non-gaited breeds. All have worked with many unbroke and green horses to desensitize, rule out behavior problems & work with their therapy.


CJ is the White Stables barn manager and head trainer, he excels at saddleseat, hunt seat and western pleasure and also has experience in pleasure driving, dressage and jumping.  He has trained and appreciates the qualities of many different breeds, but has an special affinity for Arabians and Freisans and has enjoyed showing these breeds at a national level.  Lisa Tackett has had 20+ years of specialized training in flat shod and light shod racking horses, including Saddlebreds, Nationalbreds and Tennessee Walking Horses.  Over the years Lisa has instructed students and trained horses in the English discipline with a main focus on saddleseat and secondary focus on hunt seat, equitation and driving. Hallie has 7 years show jumping and hunter jumper experience and 8 years all around western experience (roping, riding, reining, running barrels).  Western is her forte and Quarter Horses are her personal ride of choice.


Our team works together to offer a full array of services and specialization. You are welcome to set up a meeting with our head trainer to discuss your specific goals and determine how you would like to move forward on a training program. Training Board is for a minimum one month term. Outside training and inconsistent riding or handling is not permitted as it will interfere with the training process. Horse owner is encouraged to observe and, at trainer’s invitation, participate with training sessions. Riding instruction for owners is available for the customary rate, and are outside the scope of Monthly Training.  A weekly chart is posted at the barn so you can check out your horse's training regime throughout the week anytime you stop by to visit or ride.  





























White Stables Horse Club

This is the fledging year of the club which launched in November 2015.


Mission: To provide a place for horse enthusiasts, from novice to experienced, ages 18 and younger to meet for the purpose of promoting equine education, camaraderie, horsemanship and sportsmanship.


About: The White Stables Horse Club formed as a liaison between TEE homeschool group, and White Stables so the youth equestrian community would have a place to meet  peers who share a love of horses. Though initially a TEE program born from their Equine Studies course, club membership is not limited to TEE students and White Stables boarders. Any openings not filled by TEE and White Stables members will be open to the general public meeting the age requirements.


Meeting particulars: Most meetings will take place monthly at White Stables. Regular meeting duration will be approximately 2 hours.  Meeting days are usually the 1st Sunday of the month from 1-3 pm (3:30 if we run long).  Meeting topics will be announced in advance and sometimes there will be background readings and/or activities planned so that all participants can get the most out of their time together.


Horse Club will be opening to a younger group in 2015.  The older group will stay ages 11-18, and the younger group will be ages 11 and under, and also for older people looking for a slower, gentler approach to their interaction with horses (that means parents can join in too!). 


We will also offer a "stay and feed" portion to the program.  Feeding and closing starts at 3:00/3:30 at the stables, participants interested can stay and help feed and get the horses ready for the evening, the process take about 1-1.5 hours.  The program is $25.00 per participant/visit.  There will be a cap on participants dependant on activities.


NOTE: The first Horse Club meet-up will be Sunday, November 2 from 2-4pm.  There will be a designated website for the Horse Club soon!  Check back for the link here which will be added when site is complete.