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March/April Show
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Links for show patterns: Horsemanship, ShowmanshipIn Hand Trail, Open Trail, W/J Horsemanship, W/J Trail
Descriptions for classes that may need further explanation:
NEW classes added in May:

Ranch Classes - Formerly known as Ranch Horse Pleasure. The purpose of the ranch classes is to show a working horse's versatility, attitude, and movement. The primary considerations are the horse's quality of movement and overall manners and responsiveness while performing the required maneuvers. The class should allow the horse to show its ability to work at a forward working speed while under the control of the rider. A horse being shown with light contact should be rewarded. Ranch Riding class judges the rider and Ranch Horse classes judge the horse.  No silver. No bling. No fancy clothes.

Showmanship- Class is judged on the handler’s ability to present the horse to the judge.  The horse is not judged in this class except as it pertains to its responses to the handler. 
Horsemanship- Class is judged on the rider including the correctness of their seat, hands, legs and the ability of the rider to communicate clearly with their horse.
GAP- "Go As You Please", choose two favorite gaits. With a trotting English horse you could do walk and canter, with a western horse you could do walk and lope, and with a gaited horse you could do walk and another favorite gait (anything but a canter).
Gaited Equitation - to be judged on the rider’s position, control, and use of aids at the walk and pleasure gait. Riders may be asked to perform something specific upon judge’s request, such as backing. 
Gaited Trail Pleasure - horse shall not be required nor expected to maintain qualities such as a high head or high front leg lift, but must be extremely willing, well-mannered, responsive, relaxed and quiet. The horse must be manageable on a light rein at all gaits, and should show evidence of being collected and balanced in his gaits. To be shown at the flat walk and the pleasure gait.
Academy- classes for White Stables lesson students and boarders.
Costume class- you and your horse get to dress up!
Most appealing horse/pony- Judge's choice, horse or pony the judge finds most appealing!
Chase Me Charlie Width- horse jumps a span of 12 barrels, after each successful jump the horse moves on with one barrel removed each round until just one barrel is left or last horse with a successful jump- whichever comes first.
Chase Me Charlie Height- horse jumps the pole starting at 12" and moving higher incrementally until last horse with successful completed jump.
Carrot Race- ride to the line, jump off horse, have horse follow you back to the start line with a carrot to follow. This is a timed event.
Walk/Trot Race- walk your horse down a length of the arena to the line, turn back and trot to the start line, this is a timed event. W-T-Canter Race adds a canter lap as final length.
Sack Race- ride to the line, jump off horse, get in sack and hop/walk/run/waddle back to line while leading your horse. This is a timed event :-)