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White Stables at Rarity Bay offers wonderful opportunities to learn and grow with a favorite horse, without the commitment, responsibility, and cost of owning a horse. For less than the price of pasture board, this program is a fantastic way to ease into owning a horse before making a long term commitment.  Using the same horse for lessons and trail rides has many benefits and helps seal the bond between horse and rider.  Scroll down to find out more about the horses available for special use at White Stables.  Also check out the Sale Horse Page and Our Horse Page for additional information on our horses.


Here are some reasons why our Extended Equine Use Program is a great idea...


  • Use one of our horses and ride our trails every week.

  • Are you waiting to get the horse of your dreams and don't want to rush the purchase?  Get your ride time in on one of our program horses in the interim so you can keep riding, improve your skills, and take some of the pressure off of finding the perfect horse immediately.

  • Have you fallen in love with one of our horses for sale?  A lease will allow you to get to know your chosen equine before purchase.

  • Do you live in the area and have an out of town guest staying awhile?  After an assessment lesson to qualify, he/she can go riding with you and share some unforgettable memories!

  • Make your grandkids' summer one to remember- lesson students can qualify for our program and feel like they have a horse they think of as their own during their visit!  You'll be the coolest grandparents around!!!


Program includes use of tack (saddle, saddle pad, girth, halter and lead rope, and bridle, bit and reins).  Minimum of one assessment lesson in arena and one on trails required to determine mastery and control of horse before approval.  Helmets recommended and required for riders younger than 18 years old; they are provided for lessons but not part of the extended use program. 


If you are interested or have additional questions, email us at


Just interested in daily rates?  Guided horse trailriding or lessons available at $45/hour.


If you have something in mind, and don't see it here, let us know!

Copy of Equine Use Agreement

Information about our Extended Equine Use Program

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