White Stables offers Beginner through Advanced Riding Lessons for children through mature adults

~$55 private lessons include a minimum 30 minutes of saddle time, please allow one hour for lesson~ 

Check out our special package pricing for discounts at the bottom of page!


All ages and riding abilities are welcome!  The Instructors at White Stables teach students all aspects of horsemanship for safe and effective groundwork and riding so that riders gain confidence and skills at their pace.  Lesson horses are provided that match riders abilities and disciplines, or you may provide your own horse*. 


Our goals include:

>     building self-confidence and independence in all riders

>     teaching the fundamentals first and building from there for safer & more effective groundwork and riding

    preparing riders who wish to learn the basics of caring for their own horse

>     advancing riders who wish to move on to higher skill levels whether it is more accomplished pleasure riding or showing

Beginner lessons are designed to help set novices at ease.  All students should feel comfortable taking things at their own pace.  In addition to student riding, Beginner Riding Instructors are happy to spend extra time going over any of the following:

>             catching and putting your horse in cross-ties or learning how to do a quick-release knot

      grooming and tacking your horse

>      basic groundwork and learning how to lead your horse

>      untacking your horse including cleaning and cool down

>      putting your horse back in stall or field                                                                                                                 $55/lesson


Advanced lessons are for riders who have mastered the basics and are looking for more challenging lessons, riders wishing to compete in shows, or riders looking for specialty training such as jumping, equitation, dressage or eventing.  White Stables instructors' expertise can take you to the next level... Meet our Advanced Riding Instructor! 

                                                                                                                                                                          starting at $55/lesson

Lessons with Megan Ferryman of MVS Equestrian are now available at White Stables!                       starting at $60/lesson

Learn more about Megan at www.mvsequestrian.com


Group lessons: 

Please call/text (757-285-4312) or email (whitestablesrb@gmail.com) to set up a group riding lesson, or to see if there is a group riding session you may join.  For students new to our program, incoming riders must have an initial private or semi-private lesson to assess skills and discuss goals for best placement in a new or already existing group with openings.  Group lessons are for riders who are advanced beginners and up.                                                                                      $40/lesson

Lesson Packages:

Bulk price discounts are offered for 6-12 lessons purchased at one time!

Beginner lesson packages are deeply discounted...the first 12 lessons for beginner riders are more than 30% off so you can explore if horseback riding is something you want to pursue with much less invested.  Once you have advanced beyond 6-12 lessons, we also offer discounted lesson packages in groups of 12 for more advanced lesson students. For our seasonal, non-weekly lesson students we offer a special rate 6-pack! All Packages to be used within 4 months of purchase within one household. 



>      over 30% off Beginner Lesson Package (12 lessons for incoming beginners doing weekly/biweekly lessons, limited to one per new rider, a $204 savings at $38/lesson) ...................................$456.-  12pk

>     18% off Beginner 6-pack (can be used by same household beginner lessons/trails, renewable for non-weekly lesson students, a $60 savings at $46/lesson) ..................................$276.-   6pk

>      over 16% off Advanced Lesson Package (12 lessons for established or incoming non-beginners doing weekly/bi-weekly lessons, renewable, a $108 savings at $46/lesson) ......................$552.-  12pk


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